The Team

Matteo Damaso

To commemorate receiving its City charter on February 14th, 1979, the City of North York chose the slogan “The City with Heart” to have the Valentine’s Day theme etched in its identity for years to come. I have had the privilege to grow up and call North York my stomping grounds for my entire life and this innercity experience has allowed me to experience the best this City has to offer first hand.


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Growing up in the late 80s-early 90s, I’ve had a chance to experience the transformation of this city first hand. For many sports fans and those interested in popular culture, the first association you make with a city is their professional sports franchises. In ’92 and ’93 the Toronto Blue Jays ensured that everybody around the world knew about Toronto. If you were one of the lucky Torontonians who had a chance to experience this, I’m sure you can tell me you exactly where you were and what you were doing when Joe Carter hit a 2-2 pitch of Mitch Williams to win the Blue Jays’ second consecutive World Series title.


From Union Station to Yorkdale, Queen Street to St. Clair Avenue, being a teenager in this city was great. As you leave the TTC behind and finally have the freedom to drive places, Toronto becomes a whole new place to experience, and that I did. Driving through neighbourhoods you being appreciate how unique and multicultural our city is, and how you can really experience the world here.


ollowing University I was able to land an Account Executive position with the Toronto Blue Jays. Working for the Blue Jays was a childhood dream come true. There I had the opportunity to work with and learn from great people who helped me understand how to communicate this raw passion I had for the team and get baseball fans in the seats.


The big question is what does any of this have to do with buying and selling real estate?


It was with the Toronto Blue Jays that I learned if you are passionate about something you should share it with others. By being excited and enthiusiastic about the team I was able to connect with fans and achieve my goal of providing them with an amazing baseball experience.



My primary focus as a realtor® is to bring the passion I have for this City, and the opportunity its real estate provides us all, to the table each and every day. This allows me to be successful and provide my clients, with an amazing experience when buying or selling real estate.


Nicholas Martino

Offering full service commercial real estate expertise, Nicholas focuses on multi- residential and mixed use commercial properties within the city of Toronto. Having worked with Institutional purchases, private families, companies and corporations, Nicholas strives to meet and exceed client’s expectations through commitment, communication, and product knowledge fueled by a genuine passion for the industry.

Britney Andrade

In 2012, Britney graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration and a French Minor from Wilfrid Laurier University. After University, Britney worked for two years at an Advertising Agency in Toronto where she was the Account Executive for such brands as Porsche Canada and OMA Insurance.

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In 2014 Britney began her Career with Residential real estate. Her transition to Commercial real estate was almost immediate, as she began her work with very qualified and competent team of commercial specialists. Today, her focus is with mixed use commercial storefronts, multi-unit residential and investment properties. That being said, Britney still takes her time with residential real estate, working mainly by referral.

Her day to day involvement is with the growth and development of her surrounding neighbourhoods and communities out of her office located at 1060 Bloor Street West. In her spare time she volunteers as the Marketing Director of the Bloorcourt Business Improvement Area, and is also the Marketing Co-Chair of the Toronto chapter of Women In Leadership.